About Us

The Long Beach Bar Association was founded by a small group of lawyers in the parlor of the Hotel Schuyler on February 3, 1917. Its mission was then, and continues to be today, to provide a welcoming, congenial, and stimulating home for attorneys, judges, and legal professionals in the City of Long Beach, our surrounding communities, and the greater Los Angeles area.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Long Beach Bar Association is to serve the members of the Association, lawyers, the judiciary, and the general public by:

  • Improving the skills of and providing educational opportunities for lawyers.
  • Creating opportunities for professional collegiality and interaction with the judiciary.
  • Providing assistance and education to the public as they seek to access the legal system.

Our Lawyer Referral Service

Our Lawyer Referral Service was established to meet the legal needs of our community by offering low cost consultations with qualified local attorneys.

While State Bar of California membership is mandatory for licensed attorneys, LBBA membership is voluntary. Through its continuing legal education (CLE) programs, social events, lawyer referral service (LRS) and charitable activities, LBBA provides a venue for professional growth, networking and public service to the county’s diverse legal community.


The Long Beach Bar Association holds the following core values:

  • Honesty and Truthfulness – We will always operate with complete honesty and truthfulness in our dealings with others.
  • Integrity – This is the hallmark of our profession and must be upheld at all times.
  • Justice – This is the foundation of our system of laws.
  • Respect – We will respect all parties and participants at all times.
  • Knowledge – We will continually improve our relationships and the practice of law.
  • Collegiality – This strengthens personal and professional relationships and enhances the practice of law.
  • Service to the Community – We strive to work together to make Long Beach a better place through our actions.

Contact Us Today

If you believe we can help you find qualified legal help, please write to us by using the contact form on the right side of this page, or call one of our friendly, trained operators at (562) 988‑1122.