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What a Long Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer can do to help

We live in difficult economic times. Home foreclosures, loan modifications and bankruptcy filings in the Pheonix area are increasing every month.

People’s amount of of debt continues to increase and often people just don’t have the resources to pay it back. Perhaps unemployment of the primary wage earner in the family aggravates the situation..

A lots of diverse services want to help you renegotiate your debt or file your bankruptcy action, but it’s hard to know whether they will do what they promise or whether you’re just losing more money paying for their services.

If you are having financial difficulties, you should speak with an experienced Long Beach bankruptcy attorney to find out what your options are. A bankruptcy attorney can give you advice on what to do, and if bankruptcy is recommended as the best (or only solution) for you, the attorney can help you file your bankruptcy.

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The Long Beach Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service can refer you to a qualified, prescreened attorney who practices consumer or business bankruptcy law. Contact us now so that we can help.

How the Lawyer Referral Service Works

You may request a bankruptcy attorney either by filling out our online contact form or by calling us at (562) 988‑1122.

There is a small administrative fee for the lawyer referral service to connect you with a lawyer. Based on the information that you provide, our staff will arrange a consultation of up to 30-minutes forwith an attorney for you.

Whenever possible, we will schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney near your place or work or home. Or, if you choose, we can arrange a telephone consultation.