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Estate planning, trusts and will drafting all relate to what will happen to your property and minor children when you die. Wills and Living Trusts are two very common documents that help you pass your property to the people you want to get it. The recipients of your property under a Will or Living Trusts are your “beneficiaries.”

The right estate planning lawyer will listen to you and help you work out a plan to distribute your property that makes sense for you and for your beneficiaries. Even if you don’t have a lot of property, if you have minor children, you should consult with an experienced will drafting lawyer about what will happen to your children should you and the children’s other parent pass away unexpectedly.

Trusts can help you avoid probate by passing your property through a trust document instead (a “living trust”). Trusts can also be set up to help you care for a dependent who may be ill-suited to manage his or her own money. These trusts are often referred to as “special needs trusts.”


Probate is a court proceeding that distributes the property of a deceased person (the “decedent”) according to the terms of the decedent’s will, or according to law, if there was no valid will. Generally, without a will, the law specifies that your property would be distributed to your offspring, then your parents, then your living siblings, and then to more distant relatives if your offspring, parents and siblings predecease you.

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