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Join the LBBA Lawyer Referral & Information Service

Increase your caseload and serve your community

The LBBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRIS)  is a valuable member benefit as well as a public service. LRIS provides member attorneys with an opportunity to build business through client referrals. The service benefits the public by helping callers quickly find an experienced attorney like you in the area of law in which they need help.

LRIS receives thousands of calls each year from Long Beach individuals and businesses seeking legal assistance and advise from our member attorneys. Clients learn about the service from many sources, including Google, the yellow pages, the courts, community agencies and associations, and elsewhere on the Internet.

Lawyers are needed in all areas of law so contact us today.

How the Service Works

LRIS staff interviewers screen all incoming calls to the service. The interviewer asks about the nature of the legal complaint and establishes the appropriate area of law and the person’s location. Those interested in scheduling a 30-minute consultation with an attorney pay a small administrative fee to the lawyer referral service (the fee is waived for workers’ compensation and personal injury matters).

You don’t charge the client for the first consultation. If the client retains retains you for their legal matter, the fee arrangements are between you and the client. It is requested that all retainer arrangements be in writing.

How to Join

To be eligible, an attorney must be a member in good standing with the State Bar of California, and provide the LBBA with proof of professional liability insurance.

Not an LBBA member? Go here to join.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact Executive Director Debra Williams at (562) 988-4200.

Public telephone number: (562) 988-1122